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Proving mandrels are used to test the circular integrity of a conduit after back filling.

  • Made from high density polyethylene for long durability and inherent lubricity.

  • Each DPM is assembled with galvanised wire rope and aluminium ferrules to create an eye at each end for fixing of rope for hauling.

In-Line Bell Mouth Feeding Sheave, placed inside conduit with "bell mouth" to aid with laying cables, also has spreader bolt to lock tight into conduit.

  • Chrome zinc plated finish.

Lockable feeding sheave with roller (115/140mmOD) to aid the entrance and exiting of cables through conduits.

Lockable Multiple Roller Guides - The quad roller is a multi-directional roller guide.

  • This sheave has the added benefit of a hinged top roller for removal of cable and roller guide from conduit.

  • Chrome zinc plated finish.

Lockable Feeding Sheave with 4 Rollers in 90° Radius. Lockable angled guiding rollers for inside manholes are set at 90° with a radius of 450mm.

  • Suitable for directional changes within a manhole.

  • The support frame rests against the wall offering added strength should the pull require it.

  • Zinc plated finish on all with lockable with tension bolt.

Cable slippers protect cables from sharp corners of conduit during laying.

  • They are robust and economical with much thicker material than the cheaper versions on the market.

  • Zinc plated finish.

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