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Made from tough plastic, cable covers acts as a solid protective barrier as well as an early visual warning to stop accidental penetration of essential services . Also known as hardcover tapes, cable cover will last for years underground without degrading. 


Manufactured in accordance with Australian Standards, they provide long-term protection of essential services and infrastructure. 


  • Complies with AS4702-2000 Polymeric Cable Protection Covers

  • 150mm-300mm wide

  • 25 metre length

  • One sided electrical warning

  • Bright orange colour

  • Manufactured from 5mm thick HDPE

  • Non-adhesive


Available in 

  • 300mm x 1200mm strips

  • 150mm x 25mtr roll

  • 200mm x 25mtr roll

  • 300mm x 20mtr roll

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